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About the Program

Households identified low-waste lifestyle changes they wanted like to make and then tracked the amount of recycling, trash and food waste generated in their homes to see if they could reduce their waste over a 6 week period – from October 14 – November 25. The Challenge kicked off with training, demos and materials provided on October 13 at the Trash Bash.

Thank you to all our participants and we will to do the challenge again one day!


Sometimes in our busy lives it is hard to figure out how to make a difference. With the Bedford 2020 Zero Waste Challenge participants get tips, resources and advice to make it easy and fun for the whole family! Participants will reduce their household waste and the data collected will be used to help Bedford 2020 work to improve waste reduction efforts in the Town of Bedford and beyond.

What participants receive

  • Training, demos, tips and info at the first ever Trash Bash
    at Bedford Hills Memorial Park on Saturday, October 13 from 10am-1pm
  • Supplies and educational materials and tools including:
    • a scale,
    • trash and compost bags,
    • a kids’ citizen science pack,
    • a zero-waste and goal setting guide
  • Ongoing personal assistance and support throughout the Challenge

Expectation of participants

  • Attend the introductory Trash Bash event
  • Help us spread the word about reducing waste with the rest of the community: share tips, questions and photos with us during the 6 weeks
  • Make best attempt to adopt some of the actions suggested to reduce household waste
  • Track and report the recycling, trash and food waste that the household generates weekly – for 6 weeks – on a Google Drive spreadsheet (shared only with Bedford 2020). We will keep your individual data confidential.

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Zero Waste Challenge

We look forward to reducing waste with you and will be in touch soon. If you would like to contact us before then, please email Ellen Calves at Bedford 2020 or call 914-620-2411. Thanks!